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My eyebrows are not even. Can you fix it?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

No two eyebrows are the same. You may have heard the phrase, eyebrows are sisters, not twins. But the good news is that with microblading, we can try to get your brows twinning as much as possible.

We do not possess 100% symmetry, and this is because we are human! One toe may be angled slightly differently on one foot han the other. One nostril may be bigger than the other…you get the gist!

When we look at eyebrows, there are a few reasons why they may not be symmetrical. The most obvious would be a difference in density of eyebrow hair. Depending on hair growth and the number of follicles, one eyebrow may be able to grow more hair than the other. This is very commonly pointed out by lots of my clients, who are self-aware of any areas of their brow that hair fails to grow.

Secondly, the skull is not perfectly round or smooth, and it is very normal to have some bones protrude more than others. I myself, have one cheekbone that has a sharper gradient than the other! The bone in which the eyebrows sit is called the frontal bone, and this is not smooth either. If there is one side which protrudes more than the other, this may give a reason as to why the eyebrows look different.

The third structure to consider when looking at the symmetry of eyebrows is the muscle tone. The frontal muscle is responsible for raising the eyebrows and just like everywhere else in the body, you may have one side in which your frontal muscle is more dominant than the other side. A good indicator of this would be if you can only raise one eyebrow. Therefore when we are talking and using facial expressions, one side may be more animated or move slightly differently, but this is what makes us individuals, right?

So, the million dollar question - can microblading fix symmetry?

What microblading couldn’t do, is change of the strength of the facial muscles or structure of the bones. But it is important to highlight what your microblading artist can do -

  1. Use precise measurements to map out a shape for your brows so that they start at the same point, arch at the same height, measure the same length etc

  2. Add more pigment into areas with little hair to have them match on both sides

And if this is going to help with gaining some symmetry where total symmetry is near impossible to gain, then microblading does offer a step towards the end goal.

Rachael x

For more information about our microblading London clinic, visit our website and follow us on Facebook @thefaceframeclinic and Instagram @thefaceframeco

The Face Frame microblading London clinic is based in Marylebone, with good train and underground transport links. We are also open on weekends and evenings

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