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Eyebrows are a focal point and are often the main feature others notice during first impressions. A good set of brows frame your eyes beautifully and can set the tone for communication.

Rachael uses both techniques of permanent makeup application to create an eyebrow transformation - a permanent makeup machine like a tattoo machine, and also the manual method known as microblading.

Each tool has different uses and Rachael can create various eyebrow styles to include mimicking hairs, and shading to create colour density.

Permanent brows is a popular choice of treatment as it saves a lot of time in the mornings for those who use pencil to create symmetry and fill in their brows. Imagine waking up with perfect brows!
Permanent eyeliner is the most underrated treatment and isn't just for those who want a thick, winged eyeliner.

Permanent eyeliner be created with varying styles, starting from a lashline enhancement whereby pigment is placed between the lashes for the most subtle eyeliner style to make your eyes pop!

A permanent makeup machine is used in this treatment and you'll be pleased to know that it doesn't hurt! Rachael is able to work light-handedly to build up pigment in layers. No need to use too much pressure!

A popular colour is black, but browns may also be used for a softer finish.
Permanent lips has been a popular treatment request in recent times due to wearing face masks!

Like brows and eyeliner, lips can be pigmented in a way to suit every individual. Some clients love the idea of having a hint of colour, some seek a lip treatment to define the edges of their lips where the borders have been lost.

Rachael has various pigment colours to choose from, ranging from nude, pinks, berry and reds.

Imagine eating, drinking, kissing, and wearing your mask without your lipstick smudging...
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