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Rachael @ The Face Frame has your health and safety at top priority. Once you have booked a microblading appointment, you will be sent a sensitivity patch testing kit in the post to test for possible allergies to any product used during your treatment.

On the day of your microblading appointment, you are encouraged to come to the clinic wearing your usual makeup, including eyebrow makeup if you currently use any product. This allows Rachael to understand how you like to apply your makeup (if any) and forms the start of your microbalding consultation.

We apply several pigment colours onto your skin to assess which shade is the perfect colour match for you.

The next portion of the microblading consultation is known as brow mapping. Rachael uses various measuring tools, along with an eyebrow pencil, to draw and map out a shape for your new brows. Your face shape, bone structure, muscle tone and any existing eyebrow hairs are taken into consideration when designing your new brows. This part of your microblading appointment may actually take longer than the microblading itself. This is because Rachael will ensure you are happy with your new brow shape in pencil, before proceeding with microblading. It doesn't matter how many times the pencil version is tweaked, as we want you to feel good!

After you are happy with the outline for your new brows, the microblading magic can commence. A sterile hand held tool glides into the skin in a hair-like shape, depositing pigment at the same time.

Once we are finished, you can take a look at your newly microbladed eyebrows! You will be given an aftercare pack to look after your brows at home during the healing phase.


This is a second stage of a microblading London procedure and here at The Face Frame, we offer this appointment as complimentary.

For best microblading results, would like to see you approximately 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure to assess how your brows have healed. We repeat the microblading procedure to perfect your brows.

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For existing clients of The Face Frame, we recommend a boost approximately 12-18 months after your initial procedure.


Permanent makeup is purposely designed to fade over time so new brows can be designed with our ever changing face. The rate in which treatment fades has many factors, including lifestyle, skincare regime, skin type and sun exposure.


At this microblading appointment we repeat the microblading procedure to bring the colour and definition of your brows back to life.