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Hairstroke Brows | £350

The most natural looking eyebrow transformation. Pigment is deposited in strokes to mimic eyebrow hairs. Can be carried out with a permanent makeup machine or a manual microblading tool. Best on dry or normal skin.


Shaded Brows | £350

The perfect choice for a more 'filled in' look. Also known as a powder or ombré brow. Shading techniques are used with a permanent makeup machine to create more coverage of pigment in the skin. Good for all skin types.

Combination Brows | £375

Can't choose between a hairstroke or shaded brow? You can have both a natural look with some colour density added for fullness.


Lashline Enhancement | £300

Bring definition to your eyes with a fine eyeliner between your lashes

Classic Liner | £300

A fine-line eyeliner. Can add a baby flick.


Lip Blush | £300

Adding a hint of colour and add definition to the borders of the lips

For best results in new clients, a second appointment may be recommended after approximately 6-8 weeks.
These are a reduced price of £70 if the appointment is taken within 3 months. Or £140 between 3-6 months.


Permanent makeup fades over time and appointments are recommended between 6-24 months as desired.

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