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At The Face Frame microblading clinic London, we are often asked many different questions. If you have a question that isn't listed below, please feel free to contact us

What is  the difference between microblading and machine brows?

Both are techniques used to implant pigment into the skin to enhance eyebrows.

Microblading is a hand-held tool without power, that is used to graze pigment into the skin, typically mimicking hairstrokes. The machine method is a powered tool (similar to a tattoo machine) and carefully applies pigment into the skin. The machine method is more versatile as it can be used to create hair-like strokes, as well as shading for a fuller look.

Is it permanent or semi permanent makeup?

The words used around the permanent makeup industry are interchangeable and lots of people are confused on whether it is permanent or semi permanent. It is permanent in a way that the makeup cannot be removed at the end of your day like the other cosmetics you apply to your face. But semi permanent in that the colour and definition slowly fades over time.

Who can have microblading/permanent makeup?

Anyone who wants to look their best! It is a smudge-free and sweat-proof alternative to makeup for those on the go. It rebuilds shape, structure and fullness into those with thinning eyebrows. For some it replaces the lack of know-how to draw eyebrows with traditional makeup every day. And for others it can be seen as a confidence boost if they lack eyebrow hairs through a medical condition. For the eyes and lips, a liner or a lipblush can add colour and definition to these facial features, again without the hassle of applying makeup on a daily basis. There are some medical or skin conditions that do not allow for such treatments. Please check with your artist before booking an appointment.


Can I book if I have had permanent makeup before?

Clear photographs of your previous permanent makeup must be sent for us to assess whether we can work over your existing treatment.


Does the treatment hurt?

Every individual perceives pain differently. A topical anaesthetic can be applied to numb the skin. Most clients do not feel pain and instead describe the procedure as having a slight ‘scratchy’ feeling. Rachael will always check that you are comfortable throughout.


How long does permanent makeup treatment take?

The appointment takes approximately 2 hours. This includes your consultation, pigment colour selection, mapping to draw out your new shape, and the permanent makeup application itself.


How long do microblading/permanent makeup results last?

Permanent makeup is purposely designed to fade over time so new brows can be designed with our ever changing face. The rate in which treatment fades has many factors, including lifestyle, skincare regime, skin type and sun exposure. Most clients desire a colour boost after 12-24 months.


For brows, are my natural eyebrow hairs removed?

The tool used to implant pigment into the skin does not cut or remove your natural eyebrow hairs. However if you have some stray hairs which are long or sit outside of your beautiful new brows, these can be plucked or trimmed to neaten.


Are my natural eyebrow hairs dyed?

Your natural eyebrow hairs are not coloured during this treatment. If you usually tint your eyebrows you may continue to do so (after healing is complete).


Do I need some eyebrow hairs to have the treatment?

You do not need eyebrow hairs. We also work with alopecia and hair loss cases. However if you do have hairs, we recommend you do not remove them, so we can see how we may work with them.

Is there any ‘downtime’ after microblading/permanent makeup treatment?

Brows: The overall healing process takes 10-14 days to complete. Please note that during the healing process, your brows may initially be reddened or swollen, then over the next few days may become flaky, dry or patchy.

Lips and Eyes: A quicker healing time of approximately 1 week. Expect swelling, and for lips - dry and chapped for a few days.

For all treatments, we recommend that you do not get the treatment area wet, do not partake in heavy exercise which may make you perspire, and no use of steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools or sun exposure during the healing time.


I have had other facial aesthetics (including but not limited to; botulinum toxin injections/filler) in the treatment area. Can I book my permanent makeup procedure?

You must wait at least three months from your last facial aesthetics treatment or until it has worn off, before having a semi permanent makeup procedure. This is to ensure that the pigment is implanted in the correct position of your face in it's natural state. Permanent makeup lasts longer than temporary facial aesthetic treatments. You are able to have facial aesthetics after your brows have healed.


I have an illness/skin condition/I am taking medication and I am not sure if it will affect my treatment.

We ask you to disclose to us your medical history so we can advise you appropriately if permanent makeup is suitable for you.

Are your microblading/permanent makeup tools safe?

We only use sterile tools which are packaged individually and disposed of after your treatment (single-use).

Where is the clinic?

Our brow microblading London clinic is located inside The Charterhouse Clinic, 98 Crawford Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 2HL.

The permanent makeup clinic is in Central London and is easily accessible by transport. The nearest stations are Marylebone, Baker Street, Bond Street and Edgware Road.

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