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Sharon's Eyebrow Transformation

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Sharon came to The Face Frame clinic with excitement after having thought about microblading for many years. She chose to have her treatment with us after seeing work of some brows we love to create - the natural look! Her main request was to not bring her brows too narrow into the nose, as she has had this look in the past with eyebrow tinting and she didn't feel herself.

What we did: We selected a suitable pigment colour to match Sharon's eyes and hair beautifully. Using a pencil, we carefully drew out a template for a new eyebrow shape, considering Sharon's concerns, before carrying out the microblading procedure.

What Sharon said: "Oh Rachael, wow just wow, you are making me cry! You have done it so beautifully".

Follow us @thefaceframeco on instagram to see a video of Sharon's reaction, when she saw her new brows for the first time!

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