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Sasha's Microblading Transformation

Updated: May 9, 2022

Sasha came to her Microblading appointment wanting her brow hairs to look fuller and asked if we can add more definition to the shape of her brows without taking away too much of the body of the brow.

What we did: The Microbalding procedure

Whilst keeping the main thickness of her natural brows, we added hair-like strokes to the lower line of the brow, making the shape look more defined. Strokes were added through the rest of the brow and filled in sparse areas to give a more full bodied look.

Microblading doesn't have to be complicated, a few strokes in the right places can make the world of difference to your brows and confidence!

What Sasha said about her Microblading appointment: "

Wow, my brows are much more defined now! I love the hair strokes too, they look so natural. Thank you so much."

Are you considering Microblading?

Our Microblading clinic is based in London, Marylebone.

Book your Microblading appointment here

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