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Irena's Eyebrow Transformation

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Irena already knew some friends and family members who have had microblading, and she herself had thought about it for a while. After seeing some brow results on a friend, another client of ours, she was recommended to come to The Face Frame.

What we did: We designed a soft shape that didn't look too rigid against the brow bone, but ended the tails slightly higher than the eyebrow hair line. We often do this to bring balance to the face and create the illusion of a lift. We absolutely love these new brows and think it gave Irena that confidence and twinkle back in her eye. How radiant and youthful does she look?!

What Irena said: "Thank you so much Rachael, I love my new brow shape and now I don't have to tint them every few weeks".

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