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Microblading v. Nanoblading

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Did you know that we offer nanoblading at The Face Frame, as well as microblading?

“What is the difference?”, I hear you ask. The microblading tool used to deposit pigment into the skin, is made of small pins. In a nanoblading tool, the pins are smaller in diameter than in the microblading tool. This allows us to create even thinner hair-like strokes.

When you book your semi permanent makeup at The Face Frame, we purposely do not offer microblading and nanoblading as separate treatment options. This is because we create brows suited to the individual client. We use our expertise to pick the correct sized pins to create your brows for you. In most cases we actually use a combination of micro and nano blades. This allows us to create natural, flowing hair-strokes, rather than brows where the strokes look too thick or ‘blocky’.

So now you know the secret to our natural work. Book your appointment and leave the rest to us!

Email or book through our website.

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