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Stephanie's Microblading Transformation

Updated: May 9, 2022

Stephanie's Before and After Microblading Photo
Stephanie's Before and After Microblading Photo

Stephanie came into her Microblading appointment with brows that she had over plucked for years, leaving them thin and in some areas unable to grow. She wanted them to look thicker as they naturally were, and more shapely.

What we did - The Microblading procedure:

We drew in an outline of a thicker eyebrow shape that Stephanie was happy with, and using very natural strokes, we created thickness and shape to the brows, whilst lifting one brow to even out the height. We also removed some excess hairs at the tails for more definition.

What Stephanie said about her Microblading appointment:

"I love my brows! I've wanted to do this for so long but I was worried about it looking fake. You have given me back the thicker brows I used to have and I feel like me again."

Are you considering Microblading?

Our Microblading clinic is based in London, Marylebone.

Book your Microblading appointment here

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