• Rachael Tsang

Laura's Eyebrow Transformation

Updated: Oct 5

Laura visited us seeking a boost after her previous semi permanent makeup had faded. Whilst she was happy with her bold colour and wanted her brows to remain dark, she disliked the shape, wanting her brows slightly thicker and more arched.

What we did: You can see that Laura's previous colour had started to fade into a cool blue-grey undertone. We kept the dark colour but added some warmth to neutralise the cool tones. By creating a thickness to the main body of the brow, we managed to take the arch slightly higher to give a fuller, more rounded look. We also saw that the brow on the left of the before photo was slightly flatter than the one on the right, so we evened out the brows to look more symmetrical.

What Laura said: "Of all the treatments I have ever had, this is the best my brows have ever looked. I love the colour, the definition of the hair strokes, but most of all, I love the shape. My face looks lifted! You were very professional and I didn't feel a thing. Thank you Rachael"

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