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Can I Have Microblading Over Existing Work?

Hi everyone,

I’m often asked if I take on new clients who have had semi permanent makeup or microblading before. As much as I’d love the answer to be a straight forward yes, it really is something that must be advised case-by-case as I only want the best outcome for your brows.

What I look for:

  1. The shape - if your existing semi permanent makeup is a shape that you already like, or you’d like it a little bigger, it is possible to use the existing outline and microblade on top of it. If you wanted the shape or thickness reducing, it may be advised to have a removal first to prepare the skin as a ‘blank’ canvas to be able to redesign a new shape

  2. Pigment saturation - the more we have had a semi permanent makeup or microblading procedure, the more pigment (ink) there will be in the skin. Therefore, some cases are more difficult than others when trying to recreate the definition of the hair strokes. Which means that in some cases, it may be advisable to wait for the existing pigment to fade, and in other cases, it would be advised to have a removal of existing pigment (ink) so that the new microblading strokes are clearly defined.

  3. Colour correction - If your existing microbladed brows are light, it is perfectly fine to approach your brows with a darker shade of pigment if that is what is required for your colour correction. However, making the pigment lighter, in the majority of cases is not possible. For some clients, existing microblading pigment may have turned warm or cool (red or grey), this happens because of the way the pigment blends with the skin’s undertone. The solution to fix this is using colour adjusters that can counteract these red or grey tones, providing the correction/adjustment you may need.

So, for the reasons above, I ask that you send me photos of your existing microblading or semi permanent makeup before booking an appointment with me. These can be sent to

Along with the photos, it really helps to also let me know what you’re happy with, or what you’d like to change. This allows me to fully understand your vision of your dream brows.

My desire is to provide the best advice and help everyone along their journey to receiving their dream brows. Sometimes this means that I may recommend that you allow time for your existing brows to fade or that you consider removal. My priority is achieving the best outcome and ensuring your brows look the best they can!

Rachael x

The Face Frame microblading London clinic is easily accessible via Baker Street, Euston and Marylebone stations. There is also a NCP car park next to The Old Marylebone Town Hall.

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