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Why my favourite style of brow is 'hairstroke'

(Microblading @ The Face Frame)

Every client I meet comes with their own story for wanting microblading.

I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely young lady yesterday who loves her makeup just as much as I do, if not more! She already has the know-how to apply her own makeup perfectly, and she has her brow makeup down to a tee!

But being a pro at doing your own makeup does not automatically take away a wish to have your brows microbladed.

She came to my microblading London clinic with a full face of glamour - brows made up with an eyebrow pencil, in a very pigmented ombré style. I was a little unsure about whether I could deliver her the brows I assumed she wanted, as my style as a microblading artist is more of the natural hairstrokes than the powder or ombré look.

(Client's own makeup)

But during the consultation portion of her microblading appointment, she said to me, “when I take my makeup off, I still want to look like I have normal eyebrows”. This resonated with me so much! I truly believe that semi permanent makeup done right should restore the eyebrows in the most natural way possible, and not mimic the latest makeup trends.

We can always use makeup to our heart’s content. If we want follow the “in-thing” of a powder or ombré brow we can still do that with cosmetics. Semi permanent makeup can be seen as restoring natural beauty. And this is why I love to mimic eyebrow hairs and not makeup.

Rachael x

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