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Why are my eyebrows disappearing after microblading?

You love your new brows, know to expect that they will initially look quite bold, then patchy as the scabs and old skin cells naturally peel away.

But with a lot to remember, understandably most people forget what happens next! After a few days of getting used to your new brows, it is no wonder why we panic when they seem to have disappeared. Stay calm, this is normal, as the healing is not yet complete!

After a clotting and scab formation stage to protect itself from bacterial harm, the skin will enter a reconstruction phase approximately 2-3 weeks after microblading. Skin cells renew and collagen reforms. At this stage, new skin is opaque and shiny, reflecting light off the surface of the skin, and blocking the ability to see the pigment underneath the skin. It is not until 4-6 weeks after treatment that the skin is fully rebuilt and the pigment applied can show it's true form.

This is why we wait at least 6 weeks before a microblading retouch appointment, to give enough time for the skin to heal completely and reveal the pigment implanted. A retouch appointment too soon may therefore lead to unnecessarily applying too much pigment into the skin.

I always welcome my clients to send me regular photo updates of their brows to dissolve away any worries.

The other reason why pigment may appear lost after treatment is because it is actually lost! Some skin, or even portion of the skin, may not hold pigment well for reasons related to the body's healing ability. But the controllable factor in retaining pigment, would be to follow microblading aftercare instructions properly to preserve and retain as much pigment as possible, for best results.


  1. Be aware that in some cases, parts of the skin may not take and hold the pigment well due to factors beyond our control

  2. Be sure to carry out your microblading aftercare well, to retain as much implanted pigment as possible

  3. Remember the skin will go through a healing process, whereby it can take up to 4-6 weeks before the pigment will be revealed fully

I hope this helps. Please share with your friends if they are worried about there brows disappearing after microblading, or keep the article for yourself for future reference!

For any enquiries about booking your appointment, please visit and see me in my microblading London clinic.

Rachael x

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