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The Do's and Don'ts of Microblading

Here are some simple tips to remember before, during and after your microblading appointment:


DO pick a microblading artist who's work you like the look of

DON'T always be tempted by a low cost

DO ask your microblading artist as many questions as you need to understand the treatment

DON'T use exfoliating products, BHA's or AHA's at least two weeks prior to microblading (e.g. retinol, glycolic acid)

DO carry out your sensitivity patch test prior to microblading, and let your artist know if you have any sensitivities

DON'T drink caffeine or alcohol for 24 hours before your microblading appointment

DO arrive with your usual makeup on, and feel free to bring your makeup bag to top up after microblading treatment


DO be guided by your microblading artist to measure and draw a new shape for your brows

DON'T be afraid to say what you want to adjust before the microblading begins

DO expect the consultation and brow mapping (drawing) to be the longest portion of the appointment

DON'T worry!

DO relax and look forward to having new brows!


DO follow your microblading artist's aftercare instructions

DON't get your brows wet

DO expect your brows to darken in the next 2-5 days

DON'T touch, pick or rub your brows

DO use some balm if your brows feel tight or dry

DON'T use an other product until healing is complete

DO cleanse the rest of your face around your brows

DON'T panic when your newly microbladed brows begin to flake away and look patchy

DO give your microblading artist regular updates of your brows

DON'T partake in any exercise or activities that may produce sweaty brows and forehead for 2 weeks

DO return for your retouch 6-8 weeks after your initial procedure to perfect results

Save this blog and use it as a reference when in doubt!

The Face Frame microblading London is a top rated clinic. For more information, visit

Rachael x

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