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If it's not harmful to me, why can't I have semi permanent makeup when pregnant?

When a woman becomes pregnant, she is already aware, or will quickly learn of all the things she must stop doing to protect the growing baby. I’d say most people already know, or would assume that semi permanent makeup is one of those things that mustn't be carried out, but there are actually a further few reasons why you shouldn’t have semi permanent makeup during pregnancy, and it surprisingly isn’t just linked to the growing fetus.

Reason number 1 - Risk of harming the fetus

We have already touched upon the risk of harming the fetus. Many of you may wonder, if pigment is ok to implant into us as adults, then surely the same pigment poses no harm to a growing baby. This would be seen as logical, however the pigment manufacturers cannot guarantee this 100% simply because there aren’t any studies on the effect of pigments on fetuses, and there never will be as it these would be studies deemed as unethical to carry out. In the circumstance of an unfortunate complication with your pregnancy, if you haven’t had a semi permanent makeup procedure, it can already be ruled out as a possible cause of complication. It’s all about minimising risk.

Reason number 2 - Treating infections

At The Face Frame, we use sterile, single-use tools to carry out microblading. But even-so, with any procedure that breaks the skin, there is always a small risk of infection, particularly if the aftercare is not carried out according to instructions and the wound is not kept clean. In cases of infection where antibiotics may be needed to clear it, a pregnant woman may not be prescribed certain antibiotics, causing a slower healing rate.

Reason number 3 - Non-retentive pigment

Some bleeding is normal during a microblading treatment. A rise in pregnancy hormones may lead to more extensive bleeding and this can result in an uneven distribution of pigment. Whilst the microblading tool is trying to deposit pigment into the skin, if there is excessive bleeding, this bodily fluid will prevent the pigment from staying put, and will wash the pigment out. Therefore, it is likely that you will have patchy microblading results.

Reason number 4 - Wrong shaped brows

The body changes with pregnancy and in almost all women, the face shapes changes too due to hormonal changes and water retention. It is best to wait until the face shape returns to normal, to design new brows that would be best suited to you.

I hope this post helps you to understand that there are a multitude of factors that the best microblading artist has already considered, in why they will not carry out your microblading treatment if you are pregnant. We know that once you have decided that you’d like to have an eyebrow transformation, you want it right away! But it is best to wait just a few more months for peace of mind and better results.

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