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Not sure if you NEED microblading?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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I'm often sent photos and asked, 'do I need microblading?' and the truth is, it's not something I can tell you to have because you are already beautiful in your own way and it's really a personal choice, based on how much you value eyebrows in helping you to feel pretty and confident. Just because I'm a microblading artist and have an eye for being able to enhance all sorts of eyebrows, it doesn't mean to say I should need do it if it's not going to add any value to how you feel about yourself. It's the same principal with anything aesthetic, whether it be a lip filler, breast enlargement or fat freezing. No-one can tell you to have it, in fact most close family or friends would probably deter you from seeking beauty treatments because they feel you don't need it, but the decision is based on how it would make you feel.

If you already try to enhance your brows yourself, with makeup such as an eyebrow pencil or powder, or would love to have your brows enhanced but lack the makeup know-how, then you strike me as somebody who sees value in having a good pair of microbladed eyebrows to maintain that look-good-feel-good factor.

I have clients with varying degrees of brow hairs and shapes, visit me at my microblading London clinic. The lady in this photo already has good brows and some may say she didn't need microblading. Her brows have a good start and end point, and a lovely length to each individual hair. But this is where microblading comes down to personal choice. Usually armed with a pencil to fill in the sparse areas, she came to see me to enhance her brows and create more of an arch, where she felt her brows were a little horizontal.

So if enhanced brows are going to help your confidence, microblading and permanent makeup is a good way to do give you that boost without the faff of applying traditional makeup every day, trying to pencil in symmetrical brows or worrying about the next holiday on the beach or in the pool. Microblading is a permanent alternative to traditional cosmetics.

Rachael x

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