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When do I need to have a microblading top up?

When do I need a microblading top up?

The longevity of microblading has many varying factors and it is very difficult to give a precise amount of time on how long microblading lasts. Below are the factors that we should consider:

Skin type - generally, oily skin doesn’t hold semi permanent makeup pigment as well as in those with drier skin. This is because the natural sebum (oils) within the skin can cause the pigment molecules to mix and blur. Therefore, in oily skin, compared to normal or dry, the definition of the microbladed hair-like strokes, decreases more quickly and these clients may want to return sooner.

Age - on one hand , the skin can become more dry with age as the production of oils decreases, and therefore the microblading pigment will last longer. However, the age of the skin when the microblading was first performed can have an effect on the healing process. Thin skin with a lot of capillaries (leading to blood supply) can actually work against the pigment to push it out when the microblading is performed. Your microblading artist should let you know what to expect after assessing your skin.

Sun exposure - to prolong the longevity of pigment, we suggest staying out of the sun, and wearing SPF to reduce the pigment from fading more quickly. Those who are lucky to live in hotter or sunnier climates, or love to sunbathe, may want to return for their microblading top up more quickly than somebody who doesn’t have as much exposure to direct sunlight.

Exfoliating products - many cleansing, anti ageing and acne-reducing products have exfoliants, acids or skin renewal properties to help skin quality. Such ingredients include retinol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. Whilst we all aim for perfect flawless skin, it is not advisable to use these products on areas where you have semi permanent make up applied as this can lead to a more rapid fading process of the pigment

So how do you know when to return to your microblading artist for a top up?

Here at The Face Frame microblading clinic in London, we know that every client has their own personal preference. We liken it to tooth whitening; as it is aesthetic, a personal choice, and fading has some varying lifestyle factors. One size does not fit all in terms of advice to return again for treatment. Some clients absolutely want to redefine their pigment at the first sign of fading. Other clients may be happy to start wearing eyebrow makeup again, using their existing microbladed brow shape as a template, and book another appointment when the pigment has faded a little more. The average time that a client will wait for their boost appointment is somewhere between 12-18 months.

Please note, at The Face Frame microblading clinic in London, we name these ‘top up’ appointments as ‘boost’ or ‘maintenance’ appointments. These are not to be confused with the complimentary microblading retouch appointment that we offer to new clients, 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure to evaluate and perfect results.

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