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Microblading London 21/12/21

Hey everyone, here is another diary entry for you about my day yesterday.

I started the day waking up in the pitch dark...the joys of British winter mornings! After a coffee in bed (granules unfortunately as we’ve run out of Nespresso pods), I fired up the laptop to catch up on some admin and emails. The part and parcel of the joys that come with the role of a microblading artist, but truthfully I really don’t mind it. Before heading to my microblading London clinic, I squeezed in a quick stop to my cousin's house to drop Christmas prezzies round to the kids. Christmas has crept up on us so quickly...I think we all say this every year! do we not learn to get more organised??

After a brisk dog walk with my niece and her new puppy, I headed into my microblading London clinic. One of my clients of the afternoon was new to semi permanent makeup. She was nervous and excited at the same time for her eyebrow transformation (which is normal btw and I totally get it). We like the idea of fuss-free brows but of course when having a cosmetic tattoo on our FACE, it is going to be daunting! After carefully mapping out a new brow shape in pencil first, she was super happy for me to get microblading! It was a fabulous eyebrow transformation, I'll upload her reaction soon to @thefaceframeco on instagram and @thefaceframeclinic on facebook 😊

After work I popped into Itsu to grab dinner, which was on my walk back from my microblading London clinic to Baker Street station. I was actually so tempted to get a Maccy D's but seeing as I had those cheesy chips the day before, I opted for something a little more healthy! I had the hot rice pot with chicken...highly recommended. I would have gone for sushi but I was freeeezing and needed something to warm myself up!

Once I got home I chillaxed with my fiancé and was grateful that I'd already completed my admin earlier in the day. So all in all it was another good day, great to see my extended family however brief it may have been. And work was amazing, I get such a buzz out of the microblading eyebrow transformations I create!

I hope you all had a good day too 😊

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