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What does a nut allergy have to do with microblading?

I know you’re sat there a little baffled but it’s really quite simple. A nut allergy may be not implicated in the microblading procedure itself, but more in the aftercare during the healing stage of your treatment. You are provided with a product to moisturise and aid the healing process of your skin in the treatment area. Some balms and ointments may contain traces of nuts or nut oils. This is why it’s really important you let your semi permanent makeup artist know if you have an allergy, so they can provide you with an alternative aftercare product. We don’t ask you to disclose your medical history for nothing! Some questions on our medical forms may seem really obscure and unnecessary. We promise we are not just being nosey, as these questions are very important to a good microblading artist who just has your health and safety at top priority!

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