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Microblading London 08/01/22

Hey everyone,

It is the end of a great week. In particular, yesterday enjoyable because I had a mix of initial procedures and retouches in the London Microblading Clinic + some delicious food which I’ll share the details of below.

One of the favourite parts of my job is the Initial procedure. The initial procedures are super exciting because I get to meet you for the first time and together we design your new dream eyebrows. Mind you, this does not take anything away from retouches. Retouches are really exciting because I love to see how well your brows have healed and drawing in the finishing strokes is so satisfying!

Just so you know, the retouch appointment I offer is complimentary and it is booked approximately 4-8 weeks after your initial procedure. In my opinion, it is best to enhance your eyebrows little by little when carrying out semi permanent makeup treatment, rather than trying to achieve absolutely everything in one sitting. This two stage microblading process has a couple of benefits:

1. So that you to get adjusted to your new brows

  1. It is easier to add microblading strokes later on if you’d like them thicker or bolder. (Going bold or thick in the initial procedure is risky because there is no going back, that’s why I advise, little by little)

A perk of working in London is definitely being spoiled with the amount of restaurants to choose from once the day is complete. After your microblading appointment, I’d recommend afternoon tea at Cakes and Bubbles on Regent Street, just a 15 minute walk away from my microblading London clinic. My fiancé booked us a table and met me after work yesterday. I would highly recommend their dessert selection which included a flan inside a golden egg shell, and a raspberry and lychee gel, served in a real rose! Delightful!

Rachael x

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