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Microblading and Facial Aesthetics

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Clients often ask if they can have microblading alongside other facial aesthetics such as botulinum injections, fillers and thread face lifts. The short answer is yes! But wait until these aesthetics have worn off. Any short term aesthetic treatment will temporarily lift the brow, change the brows’ location on the face, or temporarily change the shape of the brow. As microblading lasts longer than these aesthetic treatments, it is advised you have the microblading first, or wait at least three months or until the aesthetic treatment has worn off, before having a semi permanent makeup procedure. This is to ensure that your brows are microbladed in a position on your face in its natural state. And if you go for the microblading first, we just ask that you wait at least 2 weeks of healing, before booking your treatment with your facial aesthetician.

Contact The Face Frame to schedule your microblading appointment at our London based clinic. We look forward to meeting you.

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