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Mei Yee's Eyebrow Transformation

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Mei Yee has wanted to have permanent cosmetics on her eyebrows for years and when she plucked up the courage, she contacted us at The Face Frame for microblading.

What we did: By leaving the natural eyebrow hairs in place, but choosing to trim and tweeze some strays, we have created a new neat pair of brows that remain very natural. We used hair-like strokes but also shaded some sparse areas to give the appearance of a fuller effect.

What Mei Yee said: "The shape is much better, it looks more tidy now. And the colour is perfect, thank you".

At The Face Frame we work with as much or as little eyebrow hair you already have. We can work with existing hairs or create a completely new shape.

Book your microblading appointment now at our London-based clinic through the booking form on our website, or email

We look forwarding to seeing you soon!

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