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Lip Filler or Lip Blush?

You want to enhance your lips, but with the plethora of aesthetic treatments available, you're not sure which treatment to go for?

There are several differences between lip filler and lip blush to consider when thinking about enhancing your lips.

Lip filler is typically injecting a form of hyaluronic acid into the lips to give them a FULLNESS. A skilled aesthetics practitioner may also be able to augment the shape of your lips to make them look more symmetrical. It is very common to have one side of the lip shaped slightly differently to the other side.

Conversely, a lip blush predominantly enhances the COLOUR of your lips to take away the need for a tint or lipstick. But if you're after a change in size of your lips, a skilled permanent makeup artist can create the illusion of bigger or smaller lips by using an ombré lip technique, whereby pigment is deposited in a way to draw the eyes to the centre or the edges of the lips. A good permanent makeup artist can also create some symmetry to the shape of your lips.

Both treatments last approximately 12-18 months and so it really comes down to deciding between fullness or colour. Can't choose? You can have both!

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