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How many times can I have microblading?

As you may already know, permanent makeup does fade over time. Just like a traditional body tattoo can loose it's definition, microblading also does the same but perhaps more quickly than body tattoos. This is because the eyebrows are positioned in direct sunlight and UV exposure makes the pigment fade. And the concoction of age busting and exfoliating ingredients in our daily skincare products are great for skin cell renewal, but note that these also can add to a more rapid fading process to your permanent makeup.

A microblading boost appointment is generally recommended between 12-18 months to refresh the colour and definition of your brows to keep them looking amazing.

But although the colour or definition fades, it is good to know that the molecules of the pigment will always remain in the skin. There will come a point after multiple microblading or permanent makeup applications, that the skin will become too saturated in pigment, leaving not enough room to implant any more. At this point, a removal service may be required before a further application of permanent makeup, to ensure there is enough room in the skin to implant pigment in a way to create the best possible outcome for your eyebrows!

So a good microblading artist will ask you to let your permanent makeup fade more than 50% before seeking your boost, or may suggest a removal service if the skin in your brows are already over-saturated with pigment.

If you are seeking microblading at The Face Frame but have had permanent makeup done elsewhere, feel free to send us photos of your existing brows so we can assess if more pigment can be implanted to give you your desired result. In some cases we may suggest you seek a removal first so that we have better skin quality to work with when designing your brows.

Equally if you are an existing client but not sure when to return for your boost, send me photos and I can check if you are ready!

Rachael x

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