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Hairstroke, powder, combination, ombré brows... What type of permanent brow service should I go for?

So you have decided to enhance your brows with a permanent makeup service. Then you quickly realise there are a handful of different styles and you feel stumped about picking which type you'd like to cosmetically tattoo onto your face!

Here is a breakdown of the different permanent brow styles you can choose from:

Hairstroke Brows

This must be the easiest style within the permanent makeup terminology to understand. This is the most natural way to enhance eyebrows. Pigment is deposited into the skin in tiny lines to look like hairs of the eyebrow! There are two methods in which to create this look - microblading (manual tool of a line of tiny pins) (microblading a.k.a feather brow, eyebrow embroidery) and using a permanent makeup machine. When using a permanent makeup machine to create hair-like features, this may also be known as nanobrows or hyperrealism brows.

Powder Brows

As the name suggests, the result of a powder brow is similar to using traditional eyebrow powder makeup, pencil or pomeade. Rather than depositing pigment to look like eyebrow hairs, the pigment is deposited into the skin with a shading technique, to give the brows a fuller, bolder appearance. A powder brow is also known as a shaded brow due to the technique used by the permanent makeup artist. Although a shaded technique can be carried out using manual tools as in microblading, less trauma may be caused to the skin when using the permanent makeup machine.

Combination Brows

Both of the above styles can be used together to create a combination brow. This is good for those who like both styles and can't decide which to go for. Hairstrokes are usually added at the front of the brow, and shading techniques are used in the body and tail end of the brow to give it some structure and definition to the shape.

Ombré Brows

The ombré brow is a form of a powder/shaded brow, but with the front of the eyebrows less saturated in pigment than the rest of the brow. When done correctly, it gives the brows a softer appearance at the start, before becoming more defined within the body and the tail end of the brow. It is similar to a combination brow but without hairstrokes at the front.

Choices, choices! The best way to start thinking about which style of permanent brow service you'd like to go for, is to think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to restore some lost eyebrow hairs in the most natural way possible? Then go for hairstrokes. If you like the "made-up" look and wear an eyebrow powder or pencil every day, then one of the shaded techniques may be more suited to you.

If in doubt, you can always ask your microblading artist or permanent makeup artist as this is something they can assist you with!

For further enquiries with me at The Face Frame, please don't hesitate to contact me - information available throughout the website.

Rachael x

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