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FIVE things you should know before having microblading

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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For newbies, microblading is a 2-part process. Here at The Face Frame, we include your second appointment with no extra charge. In the first appointment, the major groundwork is carried out and the second appointment is necessary to assess how your brows have healed and add more pigment as necessary to perfect the results. I always like to go easy on the initial appointment, firstly because for some clients particularly with little eyebrow hairs, the change can take some time getting used to, and secondly it is easier to add rather than undo!


Permanent makeup pigments do fade in definition over time and one-stage boost appointments are recommended after approximately 12-18 months. How to gauge this is simply how you feel. Personally, when my permanent makeup fades as far as wanting to reach out for an eyebrow pencil again for the day time and not just to dress up for an evening dinner date, it's time for me to have my boost


Expect to set aside two weeks whereby your brows go through different appearances according to the skin's healing process, before revealing the final result of microblading after around one month. The time in which you may feel self-conscious as the skin gets a little dry and flakey is around day 6-11 after microblading. You can read more about the healing process and if it affects your ability to work or attend social events here.


Permanent makeup results do vary from person to person for many reasons which can be split into three subcategories: the artist, your skin type and body's healing power, how well you carry out the aftercare. Unfortunately at times we can't predict how well your skin will hold the implanted pigment, but you can follow the aftercare instructions and you can pick your microblading artist! When choosing to have microblading, you should be lead by picking an artist who's work you like the look of and someone you feel you can trust, and not lead by cost alone. Remember you are making an investment on your face, and so does a low cost reflect low quality tools, pigments and training?


One popular question is, "does microblading hurt?" Everyone's pain threshold is different but a good microblading artist will ensure you are comfortable. For ladies with a menstrual cycle, it may be best to book your appointment after menstruation when your skin is least sensitive. Microblading is best described as a 'scratchy' sensation. You can read more here.

To find out more, please don't hesitate to submit a question, or visit me at my microblading London clinic.

Rachael x

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