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Don't get your brows wet after treatment!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

For best microblading results, it is recommended you follow your artist's aftercare instructions. The general rule is to not get your brows wet! This includes steam and sweat. Moisture in the days immediately following your microblading treatment may work to take out the pigment that has been newly implanted into the skin. Therefore, for best treatment results, you should refrain from getting your new brows wet whilst they are healing.

Our top tips below are simple and mostly just involve PLANNING ahead:

  1. Wash your hair before your appointment so that you are less likely to need to wash your hair immediately after your microblading treatment. If you need to wash your hair, gently tilt your head backwards so the water doesn't run on your face

  2. Refrain from strenuous exercise which may cause excessive sweating. For the fitness lovers, do your workout before your appointment and try not to sweat too much in the immediate days following your treatment. May be go for something with lower impact

  3. Avoid swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms. No booking spa days!

  4. Continue to cleanse and moisturise your skin as normal but keep away from your new brows! Do not use any water or product on your brows other than any aftercare balm given to you by your microblading artist.

For more tips or bookings at our London-based clinic, enquire through the contact form on The Face Frame website or email

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