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Does Microblading Hurt?

None of us like to feel pain (unless you’re one of the few who experiences an adrenaline rush from seeking pain!). Pain threshold varies from person to person, and on an individual basis - at different times of the day, or life!

“Does microblading hurt?” is a common question that cannot be answered with a yes/no answer so here are a few pointers to make microblading the most comfortable experience:

  1. Studies show that those of us with anxiety may feel better in the afternoon. Therefore, scheduling your microblading appointment later on in the day may help you feel more relaxed

  2. A topical anaesthetic (numbing) cream can be applied to the skin before the microblading procedure. Your artist can do this for you, but you can also purchase the cream over-the-counter at a pharmacy and apply it yourself approximately 30 minutes ahead of your appointment

  3. Ladies who have a menstrual cycle may wish to book their microblading appointment at a time where the skin is less sensitive, typically after menstruation and not in the few days before

  4. Good artists will ensure they make your surroundings as comfortable as possible for you - a nice temperature in the room, and play your favourite music!

  5. The feeling is best described as a ‘scratchy’ sensation, and each scratch is very short and quick

I hope this helps! Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any worries or enquiries.

Rachael x

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