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Do I need one or two appointments for microblading?

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If you are new to permanent makeup, two appointments are necessary to check your skin's healing response to the first treatment, and review the colour and shape of your permanent brows.

As much as we'd love to give your perfect permanent eyebrows from the get-go, there are many factors involved in how well the pigment holds in your skin, and as a newbie to permanent makeup, it is ideal to return to your microblading artist for a review of your treatment, and give an opportunity to make tweaks as necessary to further improve results.

Factors that can affect results include not following aftercare properly, very oily or very dry skin, and general health or the body's inability to heal very well.

The second appointment (retouch) should be scheduled approximately 4-8 weeks after your initial treatment. Any time sooner than this is not recommended as we need to allow enough time for the skin cells to renew completely over the treatment area. This allows us to see the implanted pigment in it's healed form underneath the skin, before deciding whether to stick to our original colour choice, or adjust it slightly according to how it is looking underneath the skin.

The retouch is also advisable because the best microblading artist will not want to create anything too drastic from what you are used to on your first appointment. At the end of the day, this is permanent makeup on your face and it is better to go easy with the new brow shape, and add to it later on (if you did want something thicker for example) than to do too much on the first appointment for you not to like it.

"What if I have had permanent makeup previously elsewhere, but not at The Face Frame?"

All new clients to The Face Frame must have the two appointments, even if you have had microblading or permanent brows before. This is to give us an opportunity to review the treatment you have had at our microblading London clinic, even if we don't have to make too many adjustments. We still want to check your healed results.

At The Face Frame, we deem the retouch to be important and necessary, hence why we include the appointment as complimentary to the initial procedure.

What are Boost appointments?

Boost appointments are slightly different. These are the appointments to maintain your microblading/permanent makeup - think a refresh of the colour. We recommend you book this approximately every 12-18 months dependant of the rate in which your pigment fades and how you feel. Boost appointments are a one-stage appointment for all clients already with The Face Frame.

Rachael x

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