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Can I wash my hair after microblading?

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

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You've just invested in newly microbladed eyebrows and the last thing you want is poor results.

To best preserve the pigment implanted into the skin, you must not get your eyebrows soaking wet or use any products other than the aftercare balm provided by your microblading artist.

For this reason, I always recommend my clients to wash their hair on the morning of their appointment, and stock up on some dry shampoo for the next few days after microblading. I personally am a fan of french plaits as this keeps my hair tidy and hides my roots as they start to get oily.

When it's time to wash your hair again after microblading, wash with your head tilted backwards in the shower, to allow the water to trickle down the opposite way from your face.

At The Face Frame I also provide you with a shield to stick on your forehead just above your brows, for any eventuality that the water runs down the front of your face!

If you do indeed get your brows wet, don't panic! It may mean that we need to reinforce some more pigment at the retouch or boost appointment. You may gently pat dry with a clean tissue. Whatever you do, do not rub or pull on your skin.

The skin will take approximately two weeks to heal. After this time you can get back to cleansing your face and washing your hair with as many splashes you want to make!

Rachael x

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