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Can I Go To Work After Microblading?

This is a question I get asked all the time, and it is more straight forward than you may think.

Let’s focus on how your brows will look, immediately after your microblading treatment. To answer the question quickly (“Can I go to work after microblading?”), there isn’t any need for ‘downtime’ after the treatment, and there is no need to take off two weeks from work (unless you need an excuse for some well needed R&R!). Microblading does not directly affect your ability to work, and it’s more a question of how you will feel (concerning your appearance) when your brows go through a healing phase. This is because the appearance of your brows will keep changing until two weeks have passed.

Here’s what to expect day-by-day:

  • Day 1 - The brow area may be a little reddened or swollen immediately after the microblading procedure

  • Day 2-5 - The brows will become temporarily darker in colour due to scab formation. They also may start to feel dry and itchy as the skin starts to flake. This is normal.

  • Day 6-10 - The scabs naturally exfoliate and the skin may look a little patchy as some scabs peel off quicker than others

  • Day 11-14 - The colour of the pigment will appear light as the skin cells renew, before resurfacing and revealing the true colour

Hopefully you have a better understanding of the process of brow healing after microblading. But if you are feeling worried about going to work and being face-to-face with others, it is around day 6-10 whereby your brows may look a little more patchy as the skin is healing, at this point you may make a judgement call as to whether or not you want to head into the office!

My top tip to getting around brow healing without taking time off work, is to wear more eye makeup, lipstick (or if the sun is out - big sunglasses!) to draw attention away from your brows.

For appointments and enquiries at my microblading London clinic, please feel free to call or send me a message.

I hope this helps!

Rachael x

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