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Why have my eyebrows turned blue? And can you fix it?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

The colour and definition of semi permanent makeup fades over time with various factors such as sun exposure and too much exfoliation. In some way it is made to fade, to be able to redesign brows to suit our ever changing face. However, turning a different colour, there are two main reasons why semi permanent makeup can turn blue or blue/grey.

1. The colour is implanted too deeply into the skin nearing the blood vessels. 2. Your skin has a cool undertone. When your brows heal after a semi permanent makeup application, the skin cells renew and form over the implanted pigment. Our skin is rarely neutral in colour and tends to be separated into a cool or warm undertone. If the skin has a cool undertone, the pigment will also end up looking cool (blue). A good microblading artist will have a range of pigment colours available to perfectly suit your eyebrow hair colour AND the undertone of the skin.

How to fix it:

1. Colour correction. Some semi permanent makeup artists will have pigment neutralisers. A warm toned pigment may be used in a repeated microblading procedure to even out the cool. We may be able to colour correct at The Face Frame. Please send us photos of your existing brows so we can further advise you.

2. Removal. In cases where the skin is already saturated with pigment, or the pigment has been implanted too deeply, removal may be recommended before a colour correction. There are currently two methods, laser and saline, both with their pros and cons.

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