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Alcohol and Microblading

Alcohol and Microblading - Prepare for your appointment

There are a few do’s and don'ts to consider before turning up for your semi permanent makeup application such as microblading. And some don'ts are not obvious or clear. Today we are tackling microblading and alcohol!

You may have heard from some microblading artists that it is not advisable to consume alcohol in the 24-48 hours before your appointment. No, this is not to take away your fun, but to better the outcomes of your newly microbladed brows!

Alcohol is a well known blood thinner and this can affect both the microblading procedure itself, and the healing of the brow afterwards.

It is not uncommon to find mild bleeding whilst microblading is being performed. The artist is carefully scratching the skin, and if there are blood capillaries nearby, bleeding can occur but is gently dabbed away. The thinner the blood, the more the site will bleed, and this bodily fluid will work to wash out the pigment that your microblading artist is trying to put in. This will then result in something the industry will call ‘poor pigment retention’ and your microbladed brows may not look as defined as you would like.

Not only can alcohol affect the microblading procedure itself, but it can also affect the healing of the brows post-procedure. In a semi permanent makeup procedure, the skin is broken, the body recognises this and starts a healing process immediately. The first stage of this healing process is known as clotting or coagulation. Alcohol’s ability to thin the blood works by preventing blood cells sticking together and forming clots. Without this first step of healing, the brows may take a long time to heal, or infection could occur and disrupt the final results of newly microbladed brows.

I hope this gives some clarity as to how alcohol is implicated in microblading or other semi permanent makeup applications. For more information and top tips, follow The Face Frame microblading clinic in London on social media:

Instagram @thefaceframeco

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