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Hello and welcome to The Face Frame.


My aim is to give you a new confidence or a get-up and go appearance, whether it be by creating a beautiful eyebrow transformation, enhancing your eyes with eyeliner, or give your lips a hint of colour and some definition round the edges.

I use high quality tools to ensure the best results, and have a varied range of pigment colours to find a perfect shade to match your skin tone.

Here's to feeling fabulous and to being able to say, "I woke up like this!"


I welcome you warmly and hope to see you in my microblading & permanent makeup London clinic soon.

With love,

Rachael x

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What is


Permanent makeup (also known as semi permanent makeup or cosmetic tatooing) is the act of implanting pigment into the skin to colour it and mimic makeup. It is an alternative to applying traditional makeup every day. It cannot be removed at the end of the day.

There are benefits to permanent makeup - it is waterproof, sweatproof, mask-proof! - great for holidays, exercise, and being able to get up and go!

How is permanent makeup applied?
In our permanent makeup London clinic, a small powered machine is used to apply permanent makeup into the skin. For enhancing eyebrows, a manual tool can be used (a tool without power) and this is known as microblading.

At The Face Frame microblading and permanent makeup London clinic, we enhance the following:
Eyebrows - hairstroke, shading or a combination of both
Eyes - lashline enhancement, classic liner with the option of a baby flick
Lips - lipblush with or without defining the lip borders


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Where to find



The Face Frame Microblading and Permanent Makeup clinic is based in Marylebone.

The Face Frame

(Inside Charterhouse Clinic)
98 Crawford Street

W1H 2H

The nearest stations are Baker Street, Bond Street, Euston, and Marylebone.

Rachael also freelances within beauty salons in Surrey. Please contact for further information.

What clients say


Rachael @The Face Frame is very grateful to receive 5 star Google reviews, making our permanent makeup London clinic highly recommended.
Read more reviews here




Microblading is a technique of applying permanent makeup to the eyebrows. A hand-held tool is used to implant medical-grade pigment between the epidermal and dermal layer of the skin, and the best microblading artist will be able to deposit the pigment in a way that mimics eyebrow hairs, to give the illusion of a fuller or well-shaped brow in the most natural looking way possible.

With eyebrow microblading, we can enhance a well-shaped brow and fill in any sparse areas, but we can also create a completely new eyebrow shape to suit your needs, and this is perfect for those with thinning hairs. At The Face Frame microblading clinic in London, we take into consideration many factors when designing your new brows. These factors include your face shape, existing eyebrow hairs, facial muscle tone, and how you like to apply your normal makeup.

Rachael is a firm believer that no two clients are the same, and likes to create brows to suit your individual face.

What is

What to



It is of  top priority at The Face Frame eyebrow microblading clinic in London to ensure you are suitable for permanent makeup. Therefore, we send you a sensitivity testing kit to carry out before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment, Rachael conducts an in-depth brow microblading consultation to understand your needs, and assess your facial features, muscle tone, skin tone, hair and eyebrow hair colour. Various eyebrow pigment colours are dotted on your skin to select the best shade to enhance your new brows.

Rachael then uses measuring tools and an eyebrow pencil to carefully map out a shape for your new brows. This portion of the appointment is the longest as Rachael likes to ensure that you are happy with the shape, before proceeding with the brow microblading itself. You are welcome to bring photos of any brows that you love. Any stray or long eyebrow hairs which sit outside the outline for your new shape will be tidied up.

Once you are happy with the new shape, the microblading magic can commence. The Face Frame London uses sterile, single-use tools, meaning a new sterile tool is used for your treatment, and your treatment only. Rachael prides herself in creating semi permanent makeup results in a way to carefully mimic eyebrow hairs, to give the most natural result possible. We believe that permanent makeup should enhance your features naturally, and not just follow current makeup trends which may go out of fashion.

You are provided with a brow aftercare pack to look after your brows after treatment. You are able to continue with normal day to day activities after your treatment, but to avoid swimming, saunas, steam rooms, and direct sun exposure until the skin has healed. This can take 7-14 days.

New clients to The Face Frame are invited back to the microblading clinic in London approximately 4-8 weeks after your Initial Procedure, for a complimentary Retouch. Rachael assesses how your brows have healed, and repeats the microblading procedure to fill in any further areas as necessary, to perfect results.

Unlike a traditional tattoo, permanent makeup is purposely designed to fade over time, so tweaks can be made to suit our ever-changing face. On average, clients return after 12-18 months for a one-stage Boost Appointment to freshen the colour and definition of the brows.

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